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■ Standard products
We offer various standard products for wholesale, import/export trade. Machine Screw (Round, Flat, Pan head), Hex Head Cap Screws, Hex Socket Cap Screw, Nylon Nut, Chipboard Screw, Flange Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Washer, Spring Washer, Socket Set Screw, Rivets, Semi-Tubular Rivets.
■ Special screws Screw
order for various shapes in different materials.
■ We offer the treatment to against fall-off.
Main Customers
1. Screws for sport equipment 2. Furniture screws
3. Screws for office equipment
4. Transport Screws (Car, scooter or bicycle)
5. Screws for electrical goods (Fan, TV, refrigerator, light, phone… )
6. Computer and Peripheral Screws
7. Screws for electric and digital goods.
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